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Years working in the industry within production areas, directing and pre-production.

I have worked in-house in Paris and London as a production assistant, which has given me significant experience working with producers and directors to ensure a smooth transition into the shooting; particularly practising being meticulous, organised and intuitive.

I have completed the APA Masterclass, teaching me scheduling, budgeting and understanding of regulations/industry standards. I have had on-set experience for the past 8 years, working as an assistant, runner, and script supervisor. Finally I have also been involved in the pre-production stages either as a production assistant, directors assistant or on the visual side, working on the treatment and visuals to help achieve/realise the director's vision to the client. Have a great knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Premiere Pro, Keynote and ExCel. I am reliable, adaptable and a quick learner.

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